With Early Childhood Educators’ Day not far away, you might like to consider creating a collection of personal video messages from your families so they can say “thank you” to their child/children’s early childhood educators from their homes, without the rush of pick up or drop off.

This is a particularly useful idea for those of your families with children who won’t attend the service on Wednesday 2nd September, whether due to not being scheduled, or due to Stage 3 & 4 Restrictions for those early learning service providers located in Victoria.

A collective “thank you” video could be a really uplifting, heart warming gift for your educators to receive, with a really personal touch.

There are a number of ways you can do this, with various apps out there that can make it a really quick & easy task, by doing all the work for you!

We thought it worth letting you know that one particular app/website called Tribute, is offering a free “Tribute” video for anyone who would like it, as a special community support gesture in the COVID-19 climate.

Just visit the Tribute website, click on the “Start a tribute” button and the rest is very straight forward – you can name your tribute video & then send an email to your families explaining the idea, along with the link they can click on to upload their short “thank you” videos.

The website/app will produce a final video including all of the contributions from your families, and send you a final link  to share with your team so they can view it as many times as they like.

Be sure to enter the code “yougotthis25” at checkout to make sure you get the free service.

We know that this has been a challenging year for everyone, so we’d like to make sure all service providers have the chance to do something special for their valued team of staff, and have plenty of notice to organise something.

We hope you and your families enjoy getting involved and creating something that your valued team will remember for a long time.