We are in the process of planning for this year’s Early Childhood Educators’ Day.

This year’s event will be particularly meaningful, given the enormous changes that our educators have faced in the 2020 COVID-19 climate.

Given the extraordinary circumstances surrounding the work of our early childhood educators this year, we thought it would be a beautiful gesture to include some home-made footage of early learning service providers and also their families (from home) in this year’s “How are you going to say thank you?” video, which will be aired to generate awareness in the lead up to the day.

We are therefore inviting:

We will select a number of these videos for inclusion in our 2020 “How are you going to say thank you?” video.

We would greatly appreciate it if you could share this request with your families through your regular communications channels, including the instructions document as an attachment.

Please note that the deadline for sending your video in is Friday 12th June.

For your information: Further down the track, we will also invite service providers and their families to film a short “thank you message”, listing the reasons why they appreciate their early childhood educators. However this current request does not need that level of detail – this will be short, catchy video which simply asks “How are you going to say thank you?” in the lead up to the day. 

We thank you for your wonderful support in making this year’s Early Childhood Educators’ Day the most special ever, and we look forward to seeing your wonderful videos!