Dear Families,

This year’s Early Childhood Educators’ Day takes place on Wednesday 2nd September.

We invite  you and your child/children to create a short video, using the Video Instructions provided below.

We will select a number of these videos for inclusion in our 2020 “How are you going to say thank you?” video. This video will be aired to generate awareness in the lead up to the day.

We would greatly appreciate your support, for no other reason than to help us spread the word and make this year’s Early Childhood Educators’ Day as special as possible for Australia’s early childhood educators.

The deadline for sending your video in is midnight Friday 19th June.

Video Instructions 

We would like you and your child to film yourselves (together or solo – whatever works for you) talking to the camera (using the short script below) from your living room, your kitchen, your backyard… anywhere in your home where you are comfortable.

Please make sure you film in a landscape format – not portrait.

Below are some basic phrases we would like you to say while you and/or your child/children are looking at the camera. Remember, we are going to edit the footage with lots of other videos from other families, with the end result being a LITTLE bit like this video from 2019 –

With this in mind, we need you to talk slowly and clearly, and take a long pause (at least a few seconds) between each phrase. Also, please try to take the video at a time with very little background noise, so we can hear your voice(s) clearly.

You may wish to read your child the line and ask them to repeat it looking at the camera. Alternatively, you (the parent) can memorise the line & say it to the camera, with your child sitting with you or being held by you. It doesn’t have to be the exact words of the phrase, as long as it makes sense.

You can send us one long video (1-2 minutes) or a handful of short videos of each line.

Bloopers are fun too, so don’t be shy to send us some of your “not so perfect” videos!

Basic video script:

  1. On Early Childhood Educators’ Day we’re going to say thank you to all our early childhood educators….
  2. For making sure the children feel safe and happy.
  3. For keeping families informed in these ever-changing times.
  4. This year it’s on Wednesday 2nd September!
  5. We’re getting excited thinking about how to say thank you.
  6. I’m going to/ We’re going to make a card!
  7. I’m going to/ We’re going to make some cookies!
  8. I’m going to/ We’re going to draw a picture!
  9. I’m going to/ We’re going to give him/her a present!
  10. I’m going to/ We’re going to give him/her some flowers!
  11. I’m going to/ We’re going to tell him/her he/she is amazing!
  12. How are you going to say thank you?

Please send in your video via EMAIL to by Friday 12th June 2020.

We thank you for your wonderful support in making this year’s Early Childhood Educators’ Day the most special ever, and we look forward to seeing your wonderful videos!

For your information: Further down the track, we will also invite you – the families – to film a short “thank you message”, which will go into greater detail about  why you appreciate your early childhood educators and what makes them special to you. However this current request does not need that level of detail – this will be short, catchy video which simply asks “How are you going to say thank you?” in the lead up to the day.