Happy Early Childhood Educators’ Day ! 

Today is a very special day for Australia’s early childhood educators, as we recognise and celebrate the vital role they play in the lives of young children and their families.  At the local level, we hope early learning services and their families say thank you to their early childhood educators in their own special way. 

At the national level, we would like to let each and every one of Australia’s early childhood educators know how much they are appreciated, but we can’t do it alone!

As usual, we have called upon a number of our early learning stakeholders to say a few words. 

We’re very grateful for their support and we thank them for their contributions to the video below. 

We encourage all early learning service providers to share this special video with their team of educators, as part of their celebrations today and across the week.

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"Australia says thank you" video 2023


To each & every one of our early childhood educators, we say… THANK YOU.