We would like to extend a enormous thank you to each and every one of you who sent in a short video to form part of this year’s “How are you going to say thank you?” video.

We received lots of wonderful footage of smiling faces and heartfelt messages.

Given the short length of the video we are making, we won’t be able to include all of the footage in the final edit. The main deciding factor for each clip submitted was whether or not we could hear the speaker clearly, and whether there was a long pause before and after their speech – this is important to allow for editing and to make sure the speech is not cut off.

We thank you all for sending in your videos even if we didn’t have room for it in the final edited video – you made us laugh, you made us smile, you left us feeling very grateful… and you are all stars!

The 2020 “How are you going to say thank you?” video will be released in mid July to help build awareness and also get everyone excited in the lead up to the week of celebrations.

Please note: Further down the track, we will also invite service providers and their families to film a short “thank you message”, listing the reasons why they appreciate their early childhood educators. This will form part of our “Australia says thank you” video, to be played during the week of celebrations.