Every year we introduce a new the theme for Early Childhood Educators’ Day to keep the annual event fun, fresh and in touch with the what’s going on in the early learning sector from an operational and cultural perspective for that particular year.

During the last two years, the impact of COVID-19 was ever-present, so the theme in 2021 was “Rain or shine, we’re here!” whilst in 2020 it was “Essential and I know it!”  We hope that these themes resonated well with each and every early childhood educator.

In 2022 as with the greatest impact of COVID-19 hopefully behind us,  Early Childhood Educators’ Day focuses on the significant advantages children gain from attending quality early learning services, and the important role that early childhood educators play in shaping our young children’s worlds.

Children who enjoy quality early learning are likely to be well socialised, confident, inquisitive about the world, accepting of diversity, resilient to manage challenges and also to be life-long learners.

These benefits flow on to our families, the wider community and the Australian economy.

In recognition of the wonderful work of our early childhood educators, this year’s theme for Early Childhood Educators’ Day is “Shaping their world“.

We hope this theme strikes a meaningful chord with early learning service providers, the families who attend their services and most importantly their early childhood educators.

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