For young children and their families, Early Childhood Educators Day is a wonderful opportunity to say thank you to your early child educator(s) in your own special way, whether on Wednesday 4th September or during the same week.

In addition to the ideas already on the website for families and children, below we’ve put together some wonderful art and craft ideas gathered from all around the internet, which might help you get inspired to show your appreciation in a very personal way.

With a bit of help from a family member, children can have a lot of fun making something thoughtful.

For example, you and your child might like to make a card with flowers by using buttons and some kids-safe craft glue.

Or you might like to help your child do some fingerpainting and build a card around their artwork. 

For something a bit different, you could make an accordion card. You can read more about how to make one of these here

Or make a collage for the front of your card. Something simple like an apple can be fun.

Whatever you choose to give your early childhood educator, rest assured that he or she will be absolutely delighted! It’s the gesture of saying thank you that counts!