We’d like to share a few words from our Principal Sponsor domainname.edu.au, to explain what they’re all about and how they can assist your early learning service(s).

Did you know that the domain name of your early learning service contributes to your brand?

edu.au is the only domain space exclusively for the Australian education sector, and offers a number of unique benefits and features.

From preschools to universities, students to suppliers, peak bodies to online search engines, the edu.au domain is universally recognised. It provides education and training entities like yours with a trusted brand on which to build and establish your online presence.

Being able to instantly convey the nature of your organisation and assert your credibility provides a value add and marketing aid that no other domain extension can offer.

What you get:

    • Trust and marketability: an edu.au domain instantly conveys the nature of your organisation and where your services operate through state- and territory-specific extensions.
    • Greater access: verify or fast-track your eligibility for education initiatives and discounts through the use of an edu.au domain.
    • Dedicated support: our customer support team is available to assist you at every stage, from the application process, to linking your domain to new or existing third-party services, renewals and beyond.
    • Peace of mind: provided by Education Services Australia — a not-for-profit company established by Australian, State and Territory government education ministers — our service is based in Australia and meets data security best practices.

Further details on the eligibility criteria and the types of names you can apply for are available via our self-assessment guide.

If you have any queries regarding edu.au domain names, eligibility criteria or policies, please visit our website, or contact the edu.au Domain Registrar via email at registrar@esa.edu.au or on 1300 885 092.