With only a short time to go until Early Childhood Educators’ Day, now is the time to invite your families to take a quick “thank you” video of themselves, to form part of a collective Tribute video! You can then play this personalised video from the children and their families to your team of staff on the day or during the week of the event.

Thanks to our supportive Event Sponsor – Tribute, this is a free service for all early learning service providers! 



What is a Tribute video?

For those of you who may not have created a Tribute video before, they are super easy to make and can be created for any type of event – birthdays, celebrations, milestones or even sick friends/relatives.

In short, a Tribute video is a collection of home-made videos from friends, families and/or stakeholders which are edited together back-to-back, to create a special all-in-one video for the person/people you are sending it to.

Tribute videos create a moving, meaningful gift which can be kept forever.

In the context of Early Childhood Educators’ Day, they also allow those of your families and children who are not attending on the day or during the week of the event, or who simply can’t say more than a few words at drop off or pick up due to COVID restrictions, to still say thank you in a personal way.

You can watch a very short video explaining how effective Tribute videos are here and a short  sample Tribute video (highlights reel) here.  

How to get started making a Tribute video for Early Childhood Educators’ Day
Simply visit the Early Childhood Educators’ Day Tribute webpage here and follow the prompts to get started.

It only takes 60-seconds to start and you can create your Tribute video on any device!

All you have to do is send the one electronic link to the group of people you would like to participate in the video (via your regular communications channels with your families), and then Tribute does all the work!

Your friends and families can then film a short video in their own words on their smartphone and upload it to the Tribute webpage you sent them.

Tribute will then put all of the various “thank you” or “cheerio” videos together and add an introduction plus a musical soundtrack.

It’s also a free service for all early learning services as an Early Childhood Educators’ Day gift from the team at Tribute! We’re very grateful for their generosity and we hope you take advantage of their free offer.

PLEASE NOTE: Please be sure to use the code “ECEDay2021” upon checkout to make sure you receive the free service