First Steps Early Learning Hilton 2017

Written by Shari Edwards, First Steps Early Learning, Hilton WA.


First Steps Early Learning Childcare and Kindergarten is located in Hilton, we have a sister centre located about 5 minutes away and we share the same owner, mission statement, philosophy and values yet each service has its own special feel. This is because of the beautiful individuals that make up our teams. 
We believe that the unique personalities that each educator has, is valued and respected and builds the culture and atmosphere that you sense as you walk through the doors.
The environment is vibrant with photos and displays that the educators have made, which showcase the children and their families to show how important they are to us. 

In the lead up to Early Childhood Educators Day, each year we encourage the families to share what it is that they love about the educators.
It is heartwarming to see and hear the special comments and anecdotes that the parents share.
Some parents email through their appreciation and others take the opportunity to write and decorate a message with their child, and we proudly display these in our foyer for everyone to see.
Some families blessed us with gifts and treats to show thanks for the amazing job that our Educators do. 

On Early Childhood Educators Day we give each of our educators a small thank you gift along with a spread of sweet treats for afternoon tea.
We also encourage the educators and the children (if they want to) to dress up as super heroes, those in the know, know that educators really do have superpowers to work with the leaders of the future.