Celebrations at Taigum Child Educare Centre 2016

Below is an article written by Susan Cooper from the Taigum Child Educare Centre in Brisbane, Queensland, describing the centre's 2016 celebrations. It's a personal story which illustrates the positive outcomes of celebrating this community event with staff and families.


The article originally appeared in Early Edition Spring 2016 Edition, ACA QLD’s quarterly magazine. Our warm thanks to the Taigum Child Edicare Centre for allowing their story to appear online.

"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success." Henry Ford 

Early Childhood Educators Day here at Taigum Child Educare Centre is a day when we unite as a team and commend our staff members for the passion they share. Building foundations for the children they care for each day is a true testament to their dedication and commitment here at Taigum.

We chose to gift our staff with a gift bag, including a salt lamp, sweets and treats and a night away at Tangalooma where our team will enjoy a team building event together and reflect on our current year and plan for 2017.

The trip will include a session feeding dolphins, which is expected to be the highlight of our adventure away. 

We chose salt lamps to assist with increasing energy levels - Himalayan pink salt lamps are natural negative ion generators, recharging our energy and improving sleep, which our hardworking staff all deserve. 

A scrumptious lunch was provided for all, filling our staffroom with chatter and laughter. 

Our centre supports cultural diversity, with many staff members of many cultures, with so much to share. Building bridges allows us to build professional relationships and respect one another, with everyone travelling on the same journey. Early Childhood Educators Day is a day of celebration for all cultures, inclusive of all, celebrating the profession they have chosen and the impact they educators can have on children’s lives and fellow co-workers.

A “tree of love” was set up in our foyer for parents to place a note of appreciation, filling the branches with notes of endearment for our educators.

Throughout the year, our team comes together to face many challenges and with the support of our “family” here at work, we conquer them all. Most recently we received “exceeding” in all seven national quality areas; this is recognition for all that our educators do. 
During my year as Educational Leader, I have grown with the team in my profession. Gaining the support and respect from co-workers has allowed me to lead the team to the best they can be.
To build a winning team, I place great emphasis on individual strengths of each educator, acknowledging each for their skills and knowledge that they can share.
Collaboration and reflection as a team allows us to achieve an overall vision. I believe in building good relations between leadership, staff, families, children and the wider community. It is important for each of us to appreciate and acknowledge the efforts of others. Feeling valued encourages us to achieve our best potential.

“I felt so appreciated, that all our hard work was acknowledged. The day was filled with positive feedback and thanks. It was nice to come together on the day and share some moments together and take the time to reflect on why we have chosen to work in this industry.” – Caitlyn Byrne 
“I felt very special. It made me feel happy and appreciated.” – Jennifer Gibbs 
“It re-affirmed how special it is to be part of the Taigum Family.” Vanessa Williamson