Bunny Cottage Preschool and Long Day Care 2017

Written by Sharon Graham, Bunny Cottage Preschool and Long Day Care, Bexley NSW


Our celebration of Early Childhood Educators Day was celebrated in style this year! Having a wonderful team that is so diverse, those of us with years of experience, and some younger newcomers to the sector. We have also loved having our second male staff member! My Mum, who has had lots to do with the centre over the last 23 years, also joined us as she always does.
Being a small team we often try for something special and this was no exception. As with most of the events I plan for my staff they are kept guessing till the actual day and it was a big surprise.
We departed the centre in style and headed into the city. Close to the destination the guesses got more accurate, it was a night at the Fish Markets in a seafood cooking school!
A range of emotions ensued as we didn’t really know what we were in for but it turned out to be a wonderful, even challenging night!