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Parents, families and children, what do you love about your early childhood educators?

Upload photos of your stories, poems, card messages, home-made artwork, baked treats or special gifts to Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #LoveMyECE for the chance to win:

  • one of 11 x $100 gift vouchers from Modern Teaching Aids  (Australia-wide)

  • one of six Ready Steady Go Kids free term vouchers for kids*

  • one of six Ready Steady Go Kids free birthday party vouchers for kids*

    *To be eligible you must live in the metropolitan area of Melbourne, Canberra Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide or Perth.
  • one of 10 x double movies passes to major cinemas, courtesy of Ambassador Card  (Australia-wide)

Alternatively if you're not on social media, upload your photos and contact details using the online form below.

Deadline for entries is COB Friday 8th September 2017.